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Time does fly fast, that's for sure! More reasons to smile and to take a few minutes and write down what are my favourite things this week. I've just finished eating a peach larger than my head and I'm ready to dish out a long, link-full list. Enjoy!

Energy music. Try Crystal Castles. Their music lies somewhere in between electro, indie, punk, gameboy samples and distorted vocals.

Headbands. More, more!

Drinking tea and reading books.

Having a vanilla scented candle near my desk. It smells so great every time I walk past it!

Early mornings. Smelling the fresh air when it's so quiet outside!

Long manicure sessions.


Waiting for colder weather, wardrobe transition&layering, especially using summer garments.

Inspiration corner: staring at this photoshoot featuring Linda Evangelista. By Steven Meisel. You know what? Maybe I should print it and attach it to the wall for once.

Feeling urban! T-shirts rule. Here are some more fresh examples.

What about you? What gets you in that blissful mood?

Sweet treats,

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