Since it's already Thursday again, I'm putting my own TiLT list together. So this week, it's all about:

An inspiration wall: I'm taking these words literally. The work is not complete just yet, some more days will pass until it's all up. But it will be a big time picture fantastic.

DIY activities: Again, I'm in that mind-spinning state of making something new. I've just finished prettifying a black bag. Pictures coming soon.

Cleaning up my bookshelf: getting rid of useless stuff and use the space for what's really important.

Braiding my hair: Definitely, I'm developing new skills. Come to think about it, braided hair never caught my attention too much before. But I'm seeing so many new possibilities to style my hair. This is one of the easiest solutions I can come up with, since my hair is long. Surely I'm making very good use of my time now.

Birthday flower: Exactly four months ago I received many flowers for my birthday. The one pictured at the beginning of this post has survived until now. I just kept it as it was, not adding water in the pot or anything, I just let it sit there. And it's perfectly preserved. I remember when I was little and used to press flowers between the covers of a book. That way I could keep them forever. It was not the case this time, though.

Earrings: Sterling silver earrings, to be more precise. Got them on sale, from Accesorize. Swoon.

Lenny Kravitz:
It is time for a love revolution album is a total madness. Ill be waiting video:

Honourable mentions: reading books, looking forward to autumn
(!oxfords!), collages, new sneakers and last but not least, TiLT, because it's the second week I'm doing it and it's such a good way of analising yourself.

So, what about you, what has been on your mind lately?

Sweet treats,


  1. i loveee accessorize! i got this gorg necklace from there in the spring when i went to paris. love it =]

  2. i am thinking about a painting that i have started two days ago. i can't quiet down mentally to finish it.

  3. i always like the accesorries u'r pickin !! good choices

  4. @LaCouturier: yeap, accesorize have some gorgeous items :)
    @Savvy Mode SG: just take your time and you'll manage to do it!
    @MR Style:thank you!


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