Things I Love... Thursday!

Since it's the anniversary of TiLT, I decided to share my list with you guys! It's such a great opportunity to take a few minutes and just be grateful for what you already have. It makes me appreciate life even more. It also helps me put my thoughts in order and remember what I'm going for, what I wish and what I already have. This being said, in the honour of TiLT, I'll begin my list with...

Atmosphere: I'm listening to their songs all day long, and I already know a great deal of the lyrics by heart. Too bad I couldn't rap them myself though, haha. I like the stories in their songs. Really cool! My favourites are Puppets and Shoulda Know with the speakers turned to maximum.

Pink nailpolish: Is all the rage especially now since my skin is, uhmmm, two shades darker from the tan I got on vacation. It makes a nice contrast. The same effect with the cherry red hue.

My family, especially my mom and cat : Mom because she's the absolute best. My cat because I didn't realise that I missed him until we brought him back home. He's meow-ing all the time and keeps trashing around my closet trying to find a place to sleep, but I love him.

Prim magazine: Because it's beyond awesome. And because I'm in it.

Marilyn hair mask from Lush: It worked wonders on my hair, protecting it from excessive sunrays exposure. It is a great way to give your hair a nice & good nourishing treatment. Plus, it makes the color more intense.

Eating cocoa cake in front of the TV: It is just so GOOD!

Radiohead: You should really listen to their In Rainbows album. It's fantastic! I love 15 steps, Nude and Weird Fishes Arpeggi.

Peaches: I don't remember ever having something like a favourite fruit, but these days I realised if I had to name one, I'd choose the peach anytime.

Autumn jackets: I already bought two, but hey, why stop there? I just set foot in the city again, but spotted this great jacket I just had to get. I suppose you can't have enough jackets, right?

Wearing grey and soft pink: It is one of my favourite color combo. Still, I won't give up my purple addiction. Oh, and this ring I'm wearing all the time.

Photography (but of course) & going through photos from the vacation: I'll share, I'll share! Can't wait!

Sweet treats,


  1. Aw yay for pink nail polish <3 & Lush! Lush anything is too good!!

  2. omg! i loveee pink nail polish, soft pink & gray, & PURPLE!!

    please visit my blog & comment! =]


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