I'm A Brat Not Only 360 Days A Year

My skin still smells like warmth and fresh air. Long summer hugs to last for the entire year!

Ok, I can bring down charlie's angels any time, haha:
Found a car that perfectly matched my dress. Shoulda brought it home:

No summer vacation is complete without making bubbles in the forest. So I say:

Several more photos with me climbing on logs and such you can find on the photostream (right side of the page).
I've also been listening to a lot of music. And discovered that I only needed to adjust the volume of my mp3 player to 3. It would go down to 1 if I wanted to sleep in the meantime. My point is that while I'm in the city, a whopping 21 is just fine to also speak and listen to people at the same time I'm listening to music in my earphones. If I want to only hear the music, I turn the volume up to 23. Big cities are a nightmare and we don't even realise it. I couldn't live anywhere else, though, I admit it. And I dream of moving to London or NY one day. Why not? Loves.

Sweet treats,

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