hold me !TighT!

I stayed inside for most of the day because of the heat outside which makes it impossible to survive. Anyway. I have all my thoughts towards autumn and can't wait till it's finally here. Luckily, some people are living in a more heat-friendly environment and can already dive into an endless sea of tights. Yes, tights, the epitome of the cold season. Who doesn't love them? Considering the variety in which they come, it's impossible not to. Here are some examples from the web. It seems that lace tights/leggings are making a comeback and could be a major trend by the time fall is here to stay.
While on the Fall 08 runway Prada is surely all about lace the trend is taking over the streets&blogs too.
Prada Fall 08 detail:


Pandora is gracefully making a statement:

As seen on Cheapskate Chic, lace leggings:

On the street the end of summer seems to be best enjoyed while wearing jeans (be it skirts or shorts) and tights:

dam style

stockholm street style

Two for one worn by elinkan. I love the way she styled them, these tights are quite a challenge.

Bright colored tights will always make any outfit special. Two examples from the clothes horse:

Oh, and there's this great article on how to customize your own pair of fancy tights.

Also, there is this site named bebaroque. They have some insanely amazing tights. I especially love bunty and miss godiva. On any color. Ok, that wraps it up! So tell me, did this trend catch up on you?

Sweet treats,


  1. Oohhh... thanks for the links to the tight sites!

  2. Florals are such the best!
    And I like how you spiffed up your bag!


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