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I've finished reading this book called Woman on the Other Shore written by Mitsuyo Kakuta and found it quite inspiring.
The book focuses on the lives of two women. On one hand, it's Sayoko, a housewife with a daughter named Akari. She is timid in establishing connections with other mothers.
Aoi on the other hand is a woman Sakoyo's age running a travel agency-housekeeping business. In time, while working for Aoi, Sayoko finds herself drawn to an independent lifestyle and easy-going personality.

It's a universal story about overcoming fear and opening up to the others. Quotes I marked down while reading:

To me, it's a whole lot more important to find something that makes you unafraid of being alone, rather than to have so many friends that you wind up being terrified of solitute. (Aoi)

[...] keep something bottled up inside you and you just feel worse and worse, but put it into words and it turns into something you can laugh about. (Sayoko)

[...] no matter how many times you multiply zero, you still have nothing but zero; you never get a positive number. (Sayoko)

Sayoko made herself part of something bigger than herself, like she puts it. She hits off the business together with Aoi, and manages to find a balance between her personal and work life.The book won in 1995 the Naoki Prize, which is awarded semiannually for the best work of popular fiction by an established writer.

What have you read recently that you would recommend?

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  1. Hi! Great blog you have here. :)

  2. i would recommend norwegian wood by murakami. i reread it today for the millionth time!

  3. thanks! i heard about the norwegian wood before, i'll consider reading it. xo


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