Designer Spotlight:

Every time I bump into a headwear site my mind is spinning with excitement. I'm suddenly caught into heavy rotation clicking on all the images. Huge sucker for headbands of any kind, I was delighted to discover This is so lovely, I had to fight off a natural instinct of selfishness and share with you. Minimalist layout, pastel colors, great merchandise and well written words.
And what a feast for the eyes it turns out to be:

My heart fluttered at the sight of no.10, no.18, no.27 and not solely...

Oh, and under each headband lays a haiku-like poem. I can't and I don't want to make up my mind upon which I love the most. It is useless to compare. Sigh.

The two creative minds behind this fairyland are Jen and Jaime:

Their about page says this:

they both love to be the center of attention

are inspired by color

and enjoy laughing until soda comes out their noses

It sounds as if we were sisters. I don't know about the soda part though...

Sweet treats,


  1. Gorgeous stuff...

  2. I def. need more headbands for school.

  3. she is making headwear :)

    saw you today in marasti bus station :) i was coming from the dentist,.yacs! u looked cute

  4. @Mara: great link ;) you should have come to say hi, it would have been nice to meet you. xo

  5. i was in the bus, on the other side of the road :) next time.. :P

  6. i was in the bus, on the other side of the road :) next time.. :P


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