D Guide: 10.000 T-shirts

T-shirts make you stand out from the crowd.
I am on a constant search for unique T-shirts. Well, not only T-shirts, but let's just say these are treated with great attention. Why? Because they are what is generally known as "basic". I've read a great deal of articles stating that having a white tee in your wardrobe is a total must. Well, that can be right, but not necessarily. You see, having more than one tee is a must.

Here's what I think: T-shirts are so versatile you could even switch to wearing them on a daily basis. Even if this involves working in an office. However, I will not mention the classic jeans&tee combo. That's another story.
There are so many other ways to style a plain tee. One of my favourite combinations is putting on something fancy for the bottom part and a simple tee for the top. Be carefull only to choose one with no wrinkles (better yet iron it before, it makes a huge difference!). Don't worry if your tee has funny characters or such printed on it. This would only make it stand out a bit. To exemplify, Here's Gala Darling rocking a ruffled dress and a tee:

Another way to wear a tee is with an impeccable pair of trousers. Add a balzer and you'll reach perfection. Oh, these people make me love neatness and feel classy just by looking at them:

If you want to spice up a bit a tee, you might want to try one of the following:

  • grab a permanent maker and draw on it;
  • hand-paint it with textile paint.These usually come in small bottles in any color you could possibly imagine.
  • do some needlework on it. Sew a random piece of fabric or try writing your name.
  • sew a huge bow. this one is my favourite, it's so spectacular!
  • bleach it. choose a colored tee, and pour some bleach on it in whatever shapes you like. It's similar to drawing on it. I did this a while ago with some of my T-shirts and the shapes drawn by the bleach turned out to be very interesting. Just don't choose your favourite tee for the first try, you wouldn't want to have it ruined forever.

These were my ideas to make tee shirts more interesting. Can you think of any others?

Sweet treats,


  1. These are great ideas and I'm quite inspired to reinvent some of my own old tees!

  2. Ooh, sweet tips! Thank-you! :)


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