Waffles By The Seaside

I was browsing the Fall 08 collection at 6267 and I was thinking just what an impact an all white-look can have. Sure it's quite a challenge to pull of such a look when the wheather outside is not on your side. Wet streets, dust, fallen leaves, in a busy city. This is the particular outfit I was thinking about:


On the same all-white note, the two following photos are taken by me from an old Elle Man mag. I finally got to tidy up a bit the stacks of mags. I like the styling, it kind of reminds me of The Comme des Garcons collection for Spring 09, only without the skirts:
And these photos look like they were taken in fairy wonderland:

Did you ever wish having white hair? Not as in platinum-almost-white kind of hue, but a pure, light white color. No? Well, I think it would be incredible. And after that I would lay on the sand and watch the sun come out every morning. Cheers to all shades of white that are leading the way!

Sweet treats,


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