Today I Owned The Sky. Pieces Of The Day.

It is said that morning sun is the most healthy if you want to get a beautiful tan with no sunburns. And it's not that hot as it gets at noon, also.
Hey! Who, me?
Essentials. I got this small notebook a couple of weeks ago because I've filled up the old one. Jordi Labanda, the Look Series. I like writing down when something comes to my mind. It's useful and fun.
Manicure and gladiator sandals. I got another Bourjois nailpolish. The same type, only in a soft pink shade. The shape of the brush is too good to give up, so I'm piling up on this ones.
I quickly read a few pages then fell asleep.
Morning for the second time. I almost never have enough patience to sit still and soak up the sun properly. I suppose that's why my skin is quite white most of the time. Or if I try to do something else in the meantime such as reading or doing crossword puzzles, I eventually get bored. I really must work on my patience. Kisses.

Sweet treats,


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