Structural Shoe Heaven

I nearly chocked with my breakfast cocoa cake when I saw this picture of Zaha Hadid & melissa shoe collaboration. I mean, what's that fabulous planet they come from? I'm pretty much convinced I'd do anything for a pair of these when they finally get out in September.


Zaha Hadid, one of my architect idols (with all due respect, can I even say this? it sounds funny, yet it's the plain truth...) stated: "I have 30 years of research on different areas of architecture and design and this was a very challenging project, not only in design, but on the technical side. And there was great synergy; I worked very closely with melissa to transform my design into reality." Gosh, I so admire this woman!
These sentences remind me in a strange way of what I was saying about putting dreams into reality and the entire energy that shines with that. And, oh dear, the shoes will come out in eight colourways. I'm curious how astonishing would look a purple pair of these babies on my feet. Still, dreaming is not forbidden...

Sweet treats,


  1. that doesn't happen everyday. wish you all the best.


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