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An extremely interesting subject was brought up recently by both Tricia from Bits and Bobbins and by Susie Bubble. It seems that a book called what i wore today: online fashion narcissism from beijing to berlin is about to be released. The word narcissism used in the subtitle and its possible negative significance caused quite a stir in the fashion/blogging world.

The great number of self-style blogs out there really does get one wonder whether it's about egocentrism, or narcissism that leads people in creating these blogs. I am not excluding myself out of this category because clearly I am part of it. I'd like to point out though that I consider that my blog has a life & style theme. I am constantly featuring articles on designers, artists, events etc. And I do this as a way to express the fact that they are my source of inspiration. The same goes with runway photos, fashion editorials and such.

It's definitely not somehing like "Look at me, I'm so cool." Not at all; that's as far from the truth as possible. At least in my case. Sure, it took me quite some time to get the confidence I needed to put up photos of myself other that those shy mirror photos I took at first without having too many references. But even this development is a way of valuing evolution and I couldn't appreciate it more. It is journey after all, and I will stop going this way the very second I won't believe in its power anymore.

Another thing, and I have been puzzled by this a long time, was the reason why I started the blog in the first place. Well, I've come to the conclusion that is because I like to share with the world what I create, what gets me inspired; how all these influences mingle in a melting pot to result into a new self everyday. Because this is what happens. And I'd like to know that someday, someone out there will feel just a bit as inspired by something I've done as my inspiration sources do for me. Call it a way of living if you wish, because I think this is it after all. And this is why the blog is mainly a style blog; like a catalogue, where everything is at hand and ready to share with others. I believe in beautiful things and that these lead our life.

From this perspective, I think that using the word narcissism for documenting daily outfits is totally wrong. It's ultimately about appreciating that beauty I was mentioning above. Should we deny our existence just to prove we are not egocentric and narcissistic? That's not right. All of the above are called art and I know to appreciate it. We should all learn that for once. It will do us good for a change.

Definitely all we amateurs are million stars behind the ones I personally look up to and admire. They have revolutionized the way fashion is looked at: Style Bubble, The Sartorialist... internet celebrities whose opinions value more to me than many magazines out there. Also, on blogs like such you feel the pulse of what is real, not over-styled fashion editorials and photoshoots, but a direct way to accede to fashion.

What else is the internet about if not sharing and building an indentity? Case and point: social networking, blogging, bookmarking... Blogs are a type of virtual personal space after all... a dialogue with an audience, not a "look at me" kind of thing. I use all the inspiration I can find on it for my DIY projects for example, and I think it's very cool that they eventually have an outcome.

My liking of taking photos often results in self-centered outfit posts, yes. But this is the way to show the outcome of the aforementioned influences and inspirations. I don't even consider myself a lazy person after all, but I'm often the most at hand subject for photography. Sure I like being on a constant search for new subjects and I love macros, making compositions with objects and so on. Documenting older outfits is ok to have as a reference point for future use. Things evolve, but the past is best to be learnt and then remebered, be it good or bad.

To me, narcissism involves arrogance and a person totally wrapped in her own self while also praising it. I kind of agree with Susie Bubble when she said: I'm not even seeing narcissism as a negative thing because that is someone who takes pleasure in looking at images of themselves as opposed to people who take pleasure in having other people look at them. I couldn't agree more.

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