Middle of the Road. Weekend Roundup!

An overview on the weekend that just ended. There's a lot I've been up to. First, I borrowed my grandma's sun hat. Fun morning that was!

Then, crafty person that I am, I thought about making a birthday card for my little cousin. So I took a piece of cardboard and glued on top of it a bigger piece. Then I cut the ends of it, twisted them inside and glued them too. After that I took some popcorn and glued it also in bewtween the twisted stripes of cardboard (see also a popcorn adorned box). I painted it and voila! What you can see in the photo below is just the part I described, because on the rest of it I wrote a message for the birthday girl:

I got the gift wrap to match with the paper bag:
This is a ball that was also part of the birthday present. If you hold it still, it's purple. But the moment you squeeze it, pink balloons start popping from all over it:
Since the roads are very much empty of cars even during the day, I took advantage of this:

I could be a pretty good equilibrist, couldn't I? I might consider this. And another thing: I got myself new blouses and some autumn gear. Oh, and a purse. Again. I will most probably put them up in a separate post soon enough.

Sweet treats,

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