For Some Reason I Can't Explain

Do you ever see photos so wonderful they make you think about what story could lay behind that still image? These photos are taken from the Hedi Slimane Fashion Dairy, June 2008. I check it out on a usual basis because it's so delighting. I usually end up going through the archives over and over again.
Black and white phtography is always fascinating to me. The crispness, the cut that light draws onto the subject. That's why I often find myself wondering what they express. Would a single word suffice? In most of the cases, maybe. The photos are simple, but they have all they need to clearly get a message through. Is there one? Maybe not, but it feels just fine to imagine one. Feeling enchanted is a state of mind.

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  1. I love the fellow in the first photo's outfit. Really fantastic and dapper..


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