DIY Lamp

I have been having this lamp around the house forever. Of course, it used to be a lot more good-looking in the old times. Until a few days ago, it looked like this:
Plain ugly. The top became unusable and, to make a long story short, the entire lamp could have been thrown away. So I decided it was time to try a makeover. I went to my favourite shop to get some DIY materials and asked for paint suitable to use on metalic surfaces. I couldn't find a specific hue I was looking for, so I took instead two bottles and mixed them together.

I covered the entire lamp in paint and waited until it dried very well. I took care of the porcelain middle by using some clear duct tape around the edges:

Then I began working on the top part. I cut a long piece of cardboard, but not too thick, so that the light can pass through. Then I glued on it another strip of rice paper. I chose this one for it was the most suitable with the model I already had on the lower part of the lamp. After this I had to wait again until they were dry. I also put them under many books so they would lay perfectly straight.

Finally, I brought the two ends together and used some double adhesive duct tape to hold them. Then the entire top was attached to the metalic part by using yet again stips of duct tape. Easy-breezy! And it holds still perfectly, I couldn't have hoped for better.

Now I'm enjoying the mild light that flows through that flower pattern. The best part? When the light is turned on at night, a subtle shade of red appears:

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