Dance Closer To The Ones You Like

Today it rained. Actually, as I'm typing this, outside it's yet again raining heavily. Last night I could hear the storm outside. The cars passing by and the sound of water under their wheels. The silence was so deep all that could be hear from time to time were the thunders. But I fell back to sleep immediately.

In the morning it was still raining so I took the opportunity to wear my new cape. I got it about a week ago, and I included it into the autumn gear category, but it seems it can be useful even now, during summer. Actually, I ended up wearing it all day long. It's great windproof.
Yesterday I wore this blouse and I liked its effect. The thing is, it has a masculine touch, but it's prettified by the folded details in the front:
I also bought this jacket which reminds me in a weird way of something Sherlock Holmes would have on:
A tee I liked the print and the soft material in it:
And of course, the small new purse:
A more decent picture of the cape. I love the fact that it's longer in the back as well as the asymmetrical way in which the sleeves end.
I guess I won't stop praising it...

Sweet treats,


  1. I already said it once, but that raincoat is fantastic!

  2. i love the raincoat too. where did you bought it?

  3. thank you! well, it's a shop near me where I usually happen to find interesting things...


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