3 Songs & The Girls Who Listen To Them

1. Goldfrapp-Clowns
She likes her coffee black and always uses the same lipstick color. Most of the time she can be found at the gallery. It's her biggest achievement and puts all her time and effort into it. She's not much into earning revenues from it, because most of the time she showcases independent artist for free. She will always wear a fabulous pair of Mary Janes to anything.
2. M83-Kim&Jessie
She has a tattoo on one of her wrists because she thinks it brings good luck. She can never be caught having fizzy drinks. Instead, she enjoys of tea while she watches her favourite movies over and over again. Most of the mornings, she will go out very early to buy cake each morning from a shop just across the street. She can't draw very well, but she likes to practice doing small schetckes on napkins.
3. Coldplay-Viva La Vida
She lives in a tall apartament building with her two cats. Her greatest peasure is going to all kinds of music concerts. She will also try to get backstage to ask for an autograph from the band. She used to be to shy to do it, but in time has managed to overcome her fear. One of her secret hobbies is sewing. She makes her own clothes but likes to get inspired from catwalk shows. She always wears a pair of dangle earrings.
These songs, as you could have guessed, are some of the ones I like the most right now. I'd love to see which songs do you prefer and maybe we can put up together another list of characters? Any suggestions are welcomed.

Sweet treats,


  1. Hehe - this post has made me want to listen to all of these songs now!!!

    Great characters btw :-)!!

  2. I am going to comment on the illustrations because they are just too gorgeous.

  3. Hi Daiane I'm from Mexico, my favorite music rigth now its from Porter a mexican group,browse Vaquero Galactico,A host of a Ghost,xholoescuincle Chicloso,and others, I also like Time to pretend from MGMT(awesome video)and Concerto in G from Vivaldi.Lovely Blog!! Saludos from Mexico!!

  4. glad you like'em & thanks for sharing, xo!


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