A Spoonful Of Design

Today I attended the gala and exhibition of the Faculty of Art and Design graduates. The place where the whole event took place was huge, and most of the creations were absolutely mind-blowing. Took photos of myself near the ones I liked best. These are some of them, together with random photos throughout the exibition:

This is a bookcase and it came together with a matching table if I remember corectly.

These little creatures were adorable!

I feel in love with the shade of green in these paintings. I can't stop imagining them hanging on an entire wall in my room.

This was a real life-sized horse all wrapped in drawings.
A nice alien kiddo, if you ask me.
The label under this one said "Part of the jungle of the pink elephant".
Light forms in a darker room.

A great event, as always. This year's edition was the biggest ever as I've heard, because there were three series of graduates displaying their designs all at one time. Very, very inspiring.

Sweet treats,


  1. I like the play with proportions in your outfit and the barette in your hair is darling. The exhibit looks grand--I would adore a bookcase like that one.

  2. that horse thing is so cool i want one in my room!


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