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Bracelets are one of my greatest addictions. So I was very happy when Pearl Necklace Jewelery suggested me to review one of their products. They have a great selection of products made of Japanese Akoya Saltwater and Freshwater Pearls. If you are on the search for a Pearl necklace, this is where you will surely find it. The product I chose to review is this wonderful Freshwater Pearl Jeverly Bracelet.

I was extremely eager to receive the package, so when it finally arrived, the suspense was at the highest level. The bracelet comes in a transparent box, carefully put over a soft material. I took it and placed it on my wrist. The very first thing I noticed with great pleasure was the fact that the pearls have the side that touches your skin plane and smooth. This makes the bracelet much more comfortable to wear, as you don't feel the spherical shape of the pearls rubbing your hand every time the bracelet glides.

Bracelet on my wrist, I looked at it and watched how it glistened in the sun. The pearl's nacre reflects the light into a delicate shade of pink. The main strand of pearls is framed by another two strands of silver beads. These make the pearls look splendid and the bracelet to really stand out. Special is a word that can not describe the effect that this framing adds to the jewel. Both the beads and the pearls are strung on an elastic cord. The silver beads in between the pearls prevent them from rubbing against each other.

As I was browsing the site, it was a great surprise to see they even have a Black pearl necklace. Now that's pure elegance! A splendid choice would also be this Akoya pearl necklace which is available either in one or in two strands. Or you can choose color again, this time by wearing a Pink pearl necklace.

I am so satistfied with the bracelet! Coco Chanel used to wear seven strands of pearls to everything from office outfits to riding a horse. I think I'm on my way to do something similar with my bracelet. It's an accessory that adds value to any outfit. And do remember to check out the site, it's definitely worth it. Finding a fabulous Cultured pearl necklace was never so easy.
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  1. I always wear bracelet for a good luck. Well, I like that pearl bracelet.


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