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Ok guys, it's time for a new street style post: today it's Hel Looks. Some stylish people out there, rocking the greatest colors and looking fab, fab, fab! I'm also adding what each one of them had to say about their look. It's great to see where they got each piece of the puzzle and what inspired the outfit.
I'll start you off with this little one. How many of us were this cool when we were 3 years old?

Jermu (3): "I'm wearing an eagle t-shirt and flower socks. My cap is yellow and there is some net at the back. I like red, cars and legos."

Sikuri (21): "I think anything can look stylish. Art inspires me, for example Gustav Klimt. I love green clothes."

Tommy (39): "I'm wearing an Adidas cap, a two euro cardigan from Stockholm, Key Biscayne jeans from Buenos Aires, a t-shirt by Levi's Furia and Puma sneakers from Istanbul. The frames I just bought here at Hietalahti market. I like to play with colours and never wear black. At the moment I'm inspired by hareem pants that I bought in Turkey." source

Downright inspiration infusion, hope you enjoyed it! Kisses!

Sweet treats,

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