Beauty Mega-Post

I'm a Lush addict and all my beauty products, head to toe are from them. Not only they are natural products, so the quality is the best, but they also last longer and have incredible results. I've been using Lush for almost a year and none of their products disappointed me. On the contrary, I'm a bigger fan than ever.
Heap of goodies: body, hand cream, moisturizers, hair mask.
Shower gels and conditioners line-up.
All nice & useful; plus a bath bomb.
Best things always come in sets of three; for daily use.

I'm constantly using American Cream solid perfume, but my signature scent is Karma, together with the solid shampoo Karma Komba. Helping Hands cream took me through winter, together with the lip balms; no problem facing the cold wind outside.
A few days ago I got for the first time the Imperialis moisturizer. I was using Celestial before.

The sensation is incredible; imagine you are in a huge wild flowers field and you bend down to smell them. Your whole face is gently covered with delicate smells and it feels softer than ever. Ok, now I'm going to take full advantage of a fantastic bubble bath.

Sweet treats,


  1. mmmm.. i love lush so so so much.
    my favourite product is the shower jelly it looks like jello and is soo great!

    i just found your blog today exchange links :)

  2. i've also used many of their products....I have a store close to me...I always like walking in...interesting smells and so may colors! =)


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