About Blogtrends And Buns

The fact that some items suddenly become big hits in the blogosphere is a fact by now. A great example is this H&M jacket which could be found basically on every fashion & style blog lately. Same with dresses and more recently, watches.

An even better example is the bun. It is extremely popular mostly amongst northen blogs. I think the promoters must be the moderniteter girls, mainly Amanda (I can't remember Olivia wearing her hair this way). And the examples could go on and on.

I think the bun is the way to wear your hair. Personally, I wear like this every single day. The reason why you can see it so rarely in my photos is because most of the time I prefer having it loose when I go outside. I think it completes better any outfit. However, I always wear my hair up in a bun when I sit at home. And when I put it up when I go outside it's because I'm feeling more playful or in high spirits. I've searched through the archive for some examples:
6th of June 08:
17th of May 08:
25th of February 08:
20th of February 08:

I totally identify with this hairstyle. Sometimes it feels more like me than ever. That's when you can see it in photos.

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