Street Extravaganza

It's been a while since I've done a street style post. All the following outfits are amazing and they really are a source of inspiration. Maybe I get tempted to steal some ideas. But, you see, it's not the only way this is working. I pretty much think this girl's outfit resembles this one of mine:

Ok, and on to another efortless fab look:

This is my dream skirt. Anyone see something like this, wrap it up and send it to me:
I would never have thought a straw bag would look this good worn with pink tights and blue flats:
This girls reminds me of that flawless Parisian chic:

Face Hunter

And seen on the always fashionable northern girls:


Stockholm Street Style

How do they always make it look so good?

Sweet treats,


  1. some people just have suchh incredible style!

    i lovee it :)

  2. aren't all so unbelievably cute? :)

  3. Hey Daiane,
    that ruffled skirt is from Topshopand the big pink-orange short dress in the first pic is ,I think,part of the Marimeko H&M collection.

  4. I'm loving all these photos too!


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