Sometimes This World's A Crazy Place

Had to make a little presentation for school and the most annoying part was to wait for my turn. Anyway, I wanted to wear something comfortable enough but also suitable for the occasion. So I wore jeans plus converse and for the upper part this puffy blouse. Wearing my hair up in a bun is quite unusual for me, but this time I decided to do so. I remember reading somewhere that this is advisable to do so if you want to draw the attention onto your face and what you have to say. The listeners can focus more easily rather than be distracted by your appearance.
The weather was also very tricky. At one point it would rain, and soon after the brightest sun would show. So I didn't have second thoughts on choosing a light coat to go over even though normally it would be way too warm for it. Oh, and the model got all soaked because of the rain on the way from the car into the building. It was tiresome, but nothing a good night sleep won't fix.

Sweet treats,


  1. hey, hope everything went well with the presentation and all :) And...I love the details on the trench

  2. thanks, it went juuust fine :)

  3. Cute trench! That's a very nice colour :)


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