My Mom Sure Knows How To Rock A Manicure

Ok, so I am a manicure fanatic, that's for sure. And it seems that I somehow managed to get my mom addicted, too. These are some photos of her manicure. She used a crystal clear base and then added some spots of color. The most important part is using a contrasting color for the pattern. This manicure has a special, strong effect. I must admit I got a bit scared the first time I saw it, but then I thought it looks awesome. And now I can honestly say I love it. Hey, if you can, why not?

I loved to use special patterns to obtain different effects on my nails. See this post I've done last year. However, now I prefer having just a simple coat of nailpolish, preferably in a vivid color. Now I'm going to have my own manicure redone. Ciao!

P.S. I can't be more thankful to my cat for the great shot opportunities it gives me.

Sweet treats,

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  1. that's way cool! especially since it's the norm to have just flowers and diamantes on the nails. nice strong strokes (:


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