It's Saturday

The reason why one of my hands stays in a funny way in the tree photos is that is was sooo difficult to stay still up there. I was trying to grab a branch but they were bending very easily because it's a very young tree.
The photos came out good though and decided this thing brings a nice touch to the photos. So I've posted them. And at least I know I'm a good equilibrist. I'll be working on these skill more often, heh.
Outfit dets:
  • white blouse, Only;
  • white heart necklace;
  • skirt (worn as a dress), Mitzy Industries;
  • jeans, Urban Outfitters;
  • grey flats;
It's the very first time I'm wearing this skirt. I should have worn it the proper way for a skirt, but the temptation was way too big. I've been planning to wear it like this since I put it on for the first time in the changing room. I especially appreciate the little grey details on the front, as well as the green finish. The material is standing firm but at the same time it feels so incredibly soft. A dream.

Sweet treats,

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  1. Blonde suits you.
    Go for a heavier makeup now.


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