Don't Point Out The Obvious

Yesterday I came across this lovely pair of sandals. As I watched closer, I liked the design so I thought I'd might as well give them a try. As I was closing observing the details and everything, I noticed they are part of Gisele Bundchen G2B Ipanema collection. What a pleasant surprise! I didn't know much about the collection before hand, but it's extremely comfortable, and the designs make it truly wearable. The thing is, they can easily be worn on a hot summer day in the city, as well as on the beach.

This being said, I've decided to put a pair on and was amazed by the fact that they look entirely different. I mean, ten times as good than if you only look at them on the shelf. Anyway, besides being extremely flexible and comfy, I think this particular model stands a little aside from other sandals. I didn't see anything like this until now, but this design has completly got me. Plus, they feel so great on the feet! So all it's left to do now is wait for those 25 degrees at noon to take these for a walk.

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