Designer Spotlight: Sandra Backlund

She was featured on Vintage Society this week. Do check it out for photos of her street and personal style. I've seen some of Sandra's creations before, but it's only now I visited her site and I was totally blown away. They are one of most incredible things that knitting could bring to fashion design. And I must admit the site itself, in its minimalist style, looks fabulous.

Here are some photos from her site, some from past & recent collections:

In no time:

Don't walk:

Ink blot test:

Perfect Hurts:

Sandra says her starting point is the human body, and then, by adding & adding knitted "bricks" she unveils a new shape. It's a dream, right? She's great for handmaking all these. Experimenting with heavy wool can have such a spectacular outcome!

What is interesting is that she defines herself somehow opposed to the "modern fashion". Is it that handwork is the opposite of today's modern fashion creations? I'd like to think it's not, but I wouldn't be so sure.

Sweet treats,


  1. f f tari, mai ales ca sunt facute din tricot

  2. thats just way to fabulous, art indeed!

  3. She's a knitwear genius! Beautiful, intricate construction. Would you like to trade links?


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