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"My birthday is coming and I want to wear something special. I would like to wear a suit on that night (at least for the first part of it) but I wouldn't want to look stiff or anything. I'd like to wear something more joyful. Any suggestions?"

Here's a delicate issue. I've always considered men's suits have that certain rigorousness attached to them. So obviously they are not the choice for your birthday night when all you want is have as much fun as you can, in the most comfortable way possible.

My suggestion would be staying in the middle ground. If you don't want to wear an entire suit, then you can keep the jacket and throw in a pair of jeans; or, keep the bottom trousers and add a tee. If you choose to wear jeans, find a pair that looks impeccable. Black or even colored:


In case you don't want to give up wearing a tie, I would suggest choosing a skinny tie. These always look flawless if you have the right attitude to go with them. I've always been a fan of the skinny tie look. Also, check out the facehunter guy in this post.

stockholm street style

Color spots! A great way to make the outfit special is color. Go for black trousers and pair them with a bright colored sweater. For example:

...but do try on a pair of black shoes, not sneakers. Also, as a general suggestion, if you're not too fond of black, you can always choose navy blue.

An excellent looking combo is this one. Ditch the suit and hold on to the vest, shirt & tie. Add jeans and voila!

cool people

This guy over here looks adorable. If you feel bold enough to wear a bow tie, this is the way to do it:

face hunter

Remember, a shirt and the respective tie or bow tie will always look impeccable under a cardigan. And yes, pastels are an option. Dark colors may be too much.

face hunter

face hunter

Regardless of what you will choose in the end, remember it's your evening and feeling at ease & comfortable is essential. If it takes several tries, try asking family & friends for their opinions.

Some outfits I've put up using the ever useful Polyvore. It's a fantasy land great for experimenting. You can see beforehand which items will work together and which not. Play and surprise yourself!

These are some guidelines. Choose a look that is flattering on you and let the party begin!

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