Clearly, I needed a new bag like one would need a hole in the head. I knew that. Anyway, got these yesterday. I loved the print on this one the minute I saw it:

These two look more serious, but they have clasic styles, which makes them go with almost any outfit. They also have lots of zippers & pockets, so they help organising my stuff:

The thing is that storing becomes more of a problem with each acquisition. For now I'm keeping them in a closet. I keep putting them in order at times, but because I use them so frequently and constantly getting them in & out, the whole system is falling apart. It's quite a struggle, but I'm not complaining.

Sweet treats,


  1. imprimeul primei genti e f tare :) congrats. de unde ai luat-o???

  2. thanks! de la un magazinas micut din zona, am avut noroc ;)


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