My Grandma's Backyard (Part Two)

This post is related to the previous one and it's about what I did at the fair. To start with the beginning, here I am in the subway station:

After arriving at La Scena, made the rounds and had some first glimpses at the things on sale. Then I headed to the make-up corner. This is Alexandra and I:

As I was around the fair all day I was able to take my time to look around after cute stuff to wear. And, as it usually happens, I ended up with a good bunch of accessories.

This bracelet:

And this brooch I'm wearing today:

Both the bracelet and the brooch are made by Andreea. You can check out her work at Chic not chicken. Here we are:

Then there are these earrings:

And this pair (ruxish):

And a present windmill from Sunnyday:

More reviews, photos & videos:
Sunnyday, Burp, Chic not chicken, My Grandma's Backyard

Sweet treats,


  1. Found this blog by accident and I'm loving it! You're really creative and these accessories are inspiring me to make new ones for myself!


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