My Grandma's Back Yard (Part One)

Yesterday was fair day! I'm going to break this down in two posts, as there is a lot to share with you. It turned out to be as awesome as I expected it to be. My Grandma's Back Yard is organised by Gabriela Maria Vlad, aka Trinnie. The things brought were very pretty (mostly hand-made) and the clothes looked great. There were either unique creations or vintage so there was a lot to choose from. On sale there were things raging from shoes & belts to all sorts of clothes. Accessories: rings, earrings, necklaces & brooches were all there. Some of the participants: Zasha, Naive Design, Coca Zaboloteanu, Eartricks, Diana Bobar, Burp-never grow up, Virginia Toma, Noko, Sunnyday, Chic not Chicken, Andreea Vaduva, Pikaciuka, Elena (Cosmopolitan Sunshine) and many others.

During the fair there was presented the AW 08 collection of George Enache, which I really enjoyed watching; it is called Science Fashion. And there also was the make-up corner, where Alexandra aka Lucuchen made the girls look even prettier. See the make-up she did on me last time here. This edition:

The location, La Scena, was perfect & very well suited to host the event:

Part of the fair was inside the building...

...and some outside:

The weather was extremely friendly and the sun was up on the sky all day. It was real summer day. The place was packed all throughout the day, and it seems that more & more people are attracted by this type of events. I'm so looking forward to the next edition! The next post will be about what I got for myself from the fair.

Sweet treats,

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