Designer Spotlight: Limi Feu

Limi is the daughter of the famous Yohji Yamamoto. She is 31 years old but has an edgy attitude, proudly displaying her tattoos. A rebel personality, she was suggested by her father to go to the Bunka Fukuso Gakuin fashion institute. There she discovered the pleasure of creating clothes, sewing and designing. Limi first presented her designs at Tokyo, in 2000. She then created her own label which will set her apart Yohji Yamamoto's company. It was in 2007 when she made her debut at Paris Fashion Week.

Spring-Summer 2008 marked her first collection. As well as Yohji Yamamoto's, her creations also include volume, layering and asymmetry. The use of color is limited. She mostly goes for a monochromatic palette (white, navy). What was also to be appreciated in her debut collection was the choice of catwalk models. Her clothes were worn by Japanese models, who made the looks appear totally fabulous. Innovations: chopped shoulders out of shirts, lots of layering and vests.


For her Fall 2008 collection, she kept asymmetry and androgyny but took these to the next level. Limi added a little girly twist; see those knitted dresses paired with matching mohair boots. The monochrome palette is still there, as it seems to become a general characteristic for her designs. She proves that monochromy is well suited for any season, you just have to know how to rock it appropriately. The severe tailored pieces, trademark of Yohji Yamamoto were also to be seen. Notice the proportions, both in coats, as well as in skirts. Limi Feu's designs breathe simplicity shown through a unique, exotic style.


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