Versatile Remix

These are the sketches I drew for this project. I had to study the relation between a tree I've chosen and the different ways paper can be folded; the drawings illustrate this relation.

Actually, I really enjoyed doing this study. I didn't expect it, but it turned out to be quite a useful exercise. Just think about how problematical it can be to style the same clothing item in different ways, to wear it on different occasions. It's like those times when, let's say, a certain skirt is worn both daytime and nightime. Mix & match: almost every magazine will feature at some point an article on this, whether the item is a skirt or a just pair of jeans.

I've played with light and used pastel colors to underline volume. Studied shapes and how they interact with the surroundings. In this particular case, it was the tree that determined & inspired the final volumes. It's important having, at all times, the control of the main shape. Everything else, details and colors, come easily. It can be compared to holding fabric in your hands. By touching and observing it, the material will eventually generate the shape. It's as simple as that. Just feel.

Sweet treats,


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