Stiletto - inside of a fashion mag

A big thank you to Roxana Radu (fashion director), who made all this happen and showed me around the world of a fashion magazine.

Just how...

Last week I had the incredible opportunity to spend some time and see how things work in at a fashion magazine. It was a week long internship at Stiletto, a Romanian on-line fashion magazine. The concept of an exclusively on-line magazine is quite new, at least in Romania. But things happen exactly the same as they would for a printed magazine. I know this because I've had previous opportunities to visit and spend time in other different press offices.

Meeting the team:

On the first day, I was greated with warmth and met the members of the editorial staff at Stiletto. Everyone was so friendly, they got me a place at one of the computers; during the time spent there I helped making researches, writing articles, searching photos or facts on different subjects. These as many occasions to learn and assimilate new things.

Andreea Jivcovici (editor) and me

The environment:

The offices were wrapped into a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. What I instantly loved was how colorful was everything. Having all kind of colored objects on your desk or hanging on the walls can turn in being a real energy and inspiration booster. And yes, people working at a fashion magazine do dress in a creative way! Yaaay, I thought so! Really now, I found all these small details so relevant, I couldn't even picture it could be anything else; I'm just happy I wasn't proved wrong.

Picturing fashion:

One of he most interesting parts is the planning of the fashion editorials. The basic idea; watching how it evolves and transforms itself. A fascinating road to go! Months ahead, the outfits, sets, locations, script are planned. Also, to see how exactly the photograph works on the projects together with the fashion editor was the most amazing thing to watch and learn. Proportions, colors, volumes, all are carefully taken into consideration. Visiting sets, working on the script, matching the outfit with the most appropiate set or pose. Exhausting, yes, but how wonderfully rewarding!


One of the most fun parts is that I could participate in the meetings with people from the fashion industry. See how they are being interviewed, how they react, what to/not to ask, the answers given. Also, I got to walk into creation studios, and I must say it was the most inspiring thing ever! The opportunity to shake hands and be presented to such amazing personalities is priceless.

Shop visiting/videos:

Definitely. What can be more fun than choosing glam outfits from pricey stores? Not the fact that, indeed they are pricey, but the uniqueness of the items is to be appreciated. Anyway, I got to see how a fashion director wanders around the stores and looks for adequate clothes according to the trends for the upcoming season. Then finding matching garments, mixing and having fun during the process! On one of the occasions, a video material was done to present different items. Then I learnt something about positioning the items conveniently in front of the camera, swapping angles and positions. Also, seen how the fabric of the clothes was put forward, because this is not always visible on camera.

Writing articles/picking themes:

Writing about new apparitions, trends, colors and inspirational things. Taking interviews, presenting fashion collections, fashion events. Getting the inside scoop on how the site is updated and how items are posted. This technical part was also intersting to learn: previewing, choosing what goes where, introducing a new article in their appropriate categories. Not to mention being one step ahead anything that happens in the field, whether it's a specific fashion event, new beauty products, or any other random news. It's like living in a continuous preview of the fashion field.

And now...

So, I breathed fashion for an entire week. It was the greatest feeling ever and it has definitely reached all my expectations. Honestly, I couldn't be more grateful to everyone in the editorial staff for offering me this occasion. The experience only made me wish more for the future and place standards even higher, because now I know this is possible. In fact, anything is possible!

Sweet treats,


  1. Wow, it sounds like an amazing experience! I'm so jealous. And it's interesting to see how it happens - particularly the whole "planning months ahead" thing.

  2. thank you too dear for the beautiful word and hope to see each other again soon.

  3. You're so lucky! The office looks great :)


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