Sometimes monochromy is underrated

I love colors. Vivid shades, bold combinations. One of my greatest pleasures is playing with colors and seem to go for the wackiest options out there: fresh green, neon-yellow, pink, turquoise.

Funny though, when it comes to photos, I tend to prefer the black & white version to the original colored one. The purple sheep earrings worn today (hah, I seem to somehow come back to basics):

While admitting my amateurism, I find that black & white photography is so much more expressive. Mostly because it underlines the essential lines and features. The contrast is always amazing; when colors are discarded, details I haven't noticed before just seem to pop out. Flaws become visible and make the photo look much alive. The same photo:

Monochromy makes instants seem timeless, especially in fashion editorials. The following ladies look so classy! Love the air of those times; photos by Frank Horvat for various fashion magazines:

Paris, 1959. Models Tan and Simone d’Aillencourt, wearing French Haute Couture, photographed in the Paris subway

Fashion for British Vogue. Model Simone d’Aillencourt, in British Haute Couture with designer Hardy Amies, 1961, London

Paris, 1957. Model Tan, wearing French Haute Couture cocktail dress, photographed at "Le Chien Qui Fume"

Fashion for Harper's Bazaar. Model Deborah Dixon, wearing Italian Haute Couture, with Frederico Fellini, 1962, Rome

Fashion for British Vogue. Model Simene D'Aillancourt, in British High Fashion, 1961, London

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