"My Grandma’s Backyard”

Wouldn't want to be too late with this post; as I promised, this one is dedicated to the "My Grandma’s Backyard” – Geek my style event I attended on Saturday. It was held in La Scena, in Bucharest, and it was organised by Vlad Gabriela-Maria.

There were a lot of beautiful clothes, shoes and hand-made jewellery for sale. Some of the participants: Diana Bobar, Vintage Boutique, Naive Design, Biba Bijoux, Burp, Andreea (Chic not chicken), Eartricks, Sunnyday, Coca Zaboloteanu (I still regret not taking a photo of the shoes she designed), Elena (Cosmopolitan Sunshine) and great other artists.

At the entrance, girls were greeted with flowers (so lovely...). Here's mine placed near the cup of coffee I had:

The place itself was great: red walls, decorations of all sorts, fun music; complete with a make up stand, where the girl there (sorry, don't know her name) played with colors on my eyelids:

People had so creative outfits (the dress code was Geek Style) and even those who weren't dressed according to the theme had so creative outfits put together! Random photos:

As for the decorations... this was hanging from the ceiling. Never seen anything similar, but I loved it, it looked spectacular:

On the same note, is this lamp incredible or what?

Ok, now on to what I got for myself. I already posted some of them, these are other items. First there are two brooches, don't know them name of the designer, but I sure do love them:

This is the hand-decorated envelope I got to choose for the brooches, sweet detail:

Heart-shaped necklace from Sunnyday; I went through some serious trouble picking mine:

Hope you got an image of this "My Grandma’s Backyard” edition. All I can add is that I'm so happy I could be there, meet so inspiring & creative people. Events like this should definitely be organised more often; can't wait for future to bring more experiences like this one!

Sweet treats,

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