I've been spending (again) a great deal of time searching for great vintage fashion photography on the internet. Luckly, I somehow got across this great flickr set on the work of Louise Dahl-Wolfe:

Louise Dahl-Wolfe worked for Harper's Bazaar and was the first to use natural lighting in her photos. Also, she pioneered out of doors shooting as well as shooting on location. Her first fashion work was for Harper's Bazaar in 1936. She is said to have helped "define the post-war look of American women." And didn't she indeed! These are just a part of her inspiring work.

As fabulous as the clothing and the prints are, I can't help being fascinated by the way garments are incorporated in the settings, the garceful poses. And have I mentioned color? The photos do have that old-fashioned feeling to them, but the way colors blend is what makes them unique...

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