Is this thing on?

Recording: recently on the streets, this week's selections. They are quite a bunch, but all great round the world fashion. These photos should go straight into the "inspiration folder" (something I just might consider in creating, I suppose).

This girl is so cute, she looks & poses almost like a doll:

street peeper

Casual goes unconventional in great style:

Clasic & stylish in faded pastels. Love her shoes, but notice she carries two bags?

the sartorialist

Great examples on how to successfully pull off an all black outfit:

stil in berlin

Now this girl here matches the big floral bag with her shorts. Maybe she's travelling, because she also a bag in her other hand:

Heart - shaped bag; who thought it could look so good with a retro outfit?

This guy over here sports some great necklaces. The colors make this classic look fresh:

face hunter

Relax, take it easy:

fad tony

Sweet treats,


  1. I like the girl with the floral bag & skirt :)

  2. Loving the black heart bag anbd the way she styled herself! Also, the second all-black outfit is very cool. I love seeing how other people style all black!


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