Flowers on the loose

...and time for headbands:

I used to wear this one a lot last autumn. Still like it, still wearing it. Can't help loving these huge flowers. Cheers to warm weather!

Sweet treats,


  1. that is such a cute flower headband.

  2. Totally cute headband! I found a great site,, which is full of wonderful headbands and other hair ornaments in original, exotic materials. This headband craze is great; almost anyone can wear the look successfully.

  3. I've checked out the site & you're right, those headbands are great indeed! thanks

  4. @ kate: is really a great site, thank you!
    i'm from germany and love headbands.
    the hair accessories here are great, but on this site i found quite what i need for me and as perfect presents for my friends in germany.
    check it out, it's awesome!!


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