Trip Part 1

Yesterday I hopped on the train to spend an entire week in Bucharest! It's quite much for me to be in the big city for the week. These are some photos I took from the train (if there's anything in them fashion related, that would surely be my green scarf, which I took to keep me warm; plus, it looks just fine in the photos, it adds a little bit of atmosphere:

(Yes, when you spend almost 9 hours on the train you start taking weird photos, see?)

The scarf is no use here though, because it's so much warm than back home. I was expecting this, but the difference is way too huge. So I found myself with a baggage full of sweaters (sigh) and no tees, just long-sleeved blouses. At least these are of some use; wish I took my sneakers with me, I miss miss miss them and I only took my reeboks and a pair of boots. There is a limit to how much a girl stuff in a suitcase, I guess. Anyway, I'll find a way to deal with this.

The good part is that what I did pack was a spring coat; couldn't wear that back home because it was chilly outside. So, with it on, hair up in a bun and went for a walk this afternoon. Totally great!

So far, it's been amazing, more photos will follow soon ;)

Sweet treats,

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  1. I absolutely love that coat. The color is fierce!! Nice choice!!


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