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It was quite a carousel today. I wandered around the town like there's no tomorrow and took about 200 photos. I'm sharing some right away; basicaly took a photo of everything that catched my eye. That's why, by walking all day, I ended up having quite a collection of photos of buildings (I do study architecture, it's inevitable these things catch my eye). Here are the most artistic ones:

(details on old houses like this are great)

On the bus...
...there was this lady that looked so effortless-chic:

Today I also went to a fair where I found the most fun & wonderful earrings, the kiddies from burp:

I also bought some other items I'm still playing with and I'll definitely post some photos soon!

Sweet treats,


  1. Those earrings are really cute, kind of tribal too.

  2. oh, hi! so you're the new master of the Turtle-Sheep earrings :) It's nice to meet you, welcome to the BURP family :)


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