Fall LBDs

There's always one fashion item that can be found in designer collections, regardless of season. I'm talking about the LBD. This classic item can also be seen in this fall's collections in various styles. Almost every designer gave the public their own view on the LBD. It's so interesting to see what's the designer's personal approach on fashion and how this reflects in their creations.

Here are some of the dresses. I tried to pick as many different styles as I could, it's fascinating to see this variety that designers came up with.

Batch no. 1: flirty, casual, rock & flow, proper cut:

1. doo.ri 2. abaeté 3. jeremy laing 4. alexandre herchcovitch

Batch no. 2:

1. monique lhuillier 2. proenza schouler 3. united bamboo 4. jill stuart

All photos from style.com

When wearing a LBD, the shoes you choose are crucial. They make the difference. I'm for pairing a (shorter) LBD with colored heels, the same you can see at Proenza Schouler. In the same way, heels + socks are also a winner (Abaeté). When it comes to evening and more formal dresses, wearing something classic it's more appropriate; it will always look stylish. And of course, there are the power combinations like over-the-knee boots + large hat + gloves (Jill Stuart); edgy, of course, but irresistible.

There are already plenty of options for this fall. And counting.

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  1. I *definitely* prefer all black clothing with colorful accessories.

  2. I *definitely* prefer all black clothing with colorful accessories.


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