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It was quite a long period of time that I've been mainly stuck at home and doing *ahem* school work (didn't even want to mention that, but it's the harsh reality). Finally, I've drawn the line. This is a summary of what I've been up to; I'm also showing some of the pics I've made, but didn't have the time to share right away.

I've been mostly living (fashion-wise speaking) through the collections presented during the fashion weeks; you can tell that only by looking at the amount of posts I did on the subject. Except a few times (one, two, three), I didn't consider getting out of jeans and sweaters. That is, when I had those few moments to spare. Sure, the weather is not helping either, and the temperature dropping waaay below 0 degrees Celsius made me bundle up and generally end up looking something like this:

Yesterday however was the very first day in quite a while with endless time to spend doing nothing. The outcome of my dressing up craze:

... not realistic considering the time being and the cold air outside (sweater + polka dot summer dress + glittery belt + jeans + black sneakers), but it sure was nice chanelling an 80's disco junkie.

I also did some painting, played with colours. I used watercolours and a thick violet paper, so I don't have to fill the background. The painting is not entirely done, but here's a part of it so far:

Other random pics from these past weeks:

Inspired by the outfit in this post, I remembered having a similar sweater hidden somewhere in the closet, so I've searched it up. This is it:

And wearing this pink blouse I bought mostly because it was 50% off (I don't remember right now having owned something this pink ever). I think I'm going to switch it's use and turn it into house-wear after all.

Sweet treats,

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