Baby's got new shoes

I bought myself a pair of black sneakers that I've been shamelessly, shamelessly coveting for weeks now. Today I walked into the shop and they were still there. So I went ahead and got myself this black sequined pair. I totally love them and they are sooo great to wear (not that I would have expected less, but really, sequined and comfy?)

  • soft-green sweater + grey dress/sweater, Only;
  • blue jeans;
  • huge green scarf, H&M;
  • black beaded bracelet;
  • black converse.

What is great about my new shoes is that I don't need to customize them myself (I almost always feel the need to add a little something to the things I own, don't know why).

This is my former pair of sneakers:

I sewed this clown on one of the sides of the shoe. The colors match perfectly, one could even say this was the original model (hehe).

Sweet treats,


  1. I love that you customize your converse! The black sequin shoes are great.

  2. LOVE those Chucks! I've searched all over the internet and I can't find them anywhere... Please tell me where you got them!

  3. they are from the converse store in a mall near me, so i can't help you all that much. i suppose you should find them at any of their shops... still continue trying online, you should find them faster i think. best of luck & kisses

  4. wow the black sequined ones are amazing! could you tell me where I could get a pair of those?

    oh and it'd be great if you replied on my blog, I am awfully bad at checking back on sites

  5. These shoes just look like roxy sandals uk, I really like shopping at weekend with having a mind to purchase a cheap but qualitative pair.


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