Hiding (That only happens when it rains)

Rainy day outside. Nothing I'd wish more than hide myself under a blanket and wait until it's all gone. Barely went outside, so sorry, no outfit posts today. What I put on when I finally decided it was time to ditch my PJs was a grey blouse with a hood.

In the news today:

“Best in Blog: Fashion Spree” is up and running on voxpop and Sweet Fancy Treat is being featured again! You can vote for me on the game here, or you can use the badge in the right.

Also, a social news site was launched recently, Pretty Social. There you can read (blog) articles on many different subjects. It's a place to share most popular stories, so go ahead and check it out!

  • If you enjoyed the Rodarte show at NY fashion Week, you might like this interview with Laura Mulleavy (plus some backstage photos).
  • The Marchesa collection has some gorgeous dresses.
  • Down to street style, here are two funny girls.

Sweet treats,

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  1. Hi, I like your blog. Guess I need to get more fashion conscious. Take care.


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