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Susie Bubble had a post the other day about her teenage dream of starting a fashion mag. I'm quite convinced by now that the vast majority of fashion bloggers eventually started blogging because of the desire to write, to put their ideas out there. Blogging offers this possibility, along with adding photos or videos, thus approaching the real mag format.

So, maybe starting a fashion mag is too complicated, but fashion blogging certainly isn't. This is proved by the great number of bloggers from all around the world. This community does so much more than a paper fashion mag edited in just one country.

One of my dreams is to write for a fashion mag. Now I know that's hard work, and not at all sunshine and butterflies, though it may seem so to the public. But I've learnt a lot since I joined the blogosphere and found here incredible people, amazing writers. You can get inspiration from their every post. And here I have to mention, Susie Bubble, to whom I look up and admire. So, somehow, I wasn't surprised to find out in this post that she also had this fantasy of having her own magazine started. And indeed, she goes on making great specifications about what the mag should include. I was totally blown away! If only this could happen in real life!

Susie made me remember about Gala's desire to write, as she mentions several times on her blog. This is what actually made her start the blog in the first place. She got her dream come true (not started a mag unfortunately), but having her own column in the Australian Cosmopolitan. I totally admire her for this despite the fact that the collaboration recently ended. But guess how she got discovered and requested to do this? Through her blog, of course! So, there's hope.

I also remebered some of Gala's words, a journal entry from 2005, which she posted when iCiNG celebrated the one year anniversary: "i want to have a writing party on top of a building where all the incredible people get together with a bunch of typewriters & write frantically, & when the page is finished it gets thrown over the balcony into the masses of people in suits, the kids at school who are wondering what the %^&$ they can do now, the thronging traffic, the people who need it. i want thundering manifestoes, overflowing, i want to stick them to traffic lights & spray them on sidewalks. i know that lives can be changed through tiny words, shiny like beads, strung into a sentence."

I know about Kori from The Fashion-y Blog having her own literary creations. There's also Winona from Daddy Likey whose humour makes me fall all over my keyboard with laughter; she's got some incredible texts on her blog! I've also had my attempts of writing some consistent pieces on different subjects, and really enjoyed doing this. Right now, I'm resuming to taking photos of my daily outfits, making comments about fashion, reading (lots of) magazines & blogs, writing D Guides.

So, my dream remains; maybe someday, somehow, who knows? I'm a believer.

Sweet treats,

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  1. Sorry, but I can only express myself in Romanian:

    Tulai zoie ce faina poate fi poza cu ceasca de cafea si reflexia ecranului!!! Super.


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