Tag! You're it!

I've been tagged by Wendy and have to name the 6 most important things in my handbag. Well, I just took the actual bag I carry around these days...

...spilt it's content on the table and out came:

Then, grouped the stuff into small categories:

  • in the tehnical corner, we have:

-old mp3 player( I change my playlist everyday);

-mobile phone (I've recently went back to this phone, remember I bought this phone not so much time ago? well, it's not working properly and I should have it fixed);

-camera (always, always. you never know when a good photo can be taken).

  • in the beauty section:

-handcream (I so can't do without it in winter. I usually carry around a little Garnier handcream and a Lush Dream Cream sample, so I use one of them depending on my mood. Yesterday I bought a Nivea handream to replace Garnier because it's almost over);

-lip balm: Lush Lip Squeak & Whip Stick. Both great, use one depending, once again, of the mood. (Sometimes one of them goes in one of the pockets of my jacket);

-wet and dry wipes: no explication required here.

  • and now on to accessories:

- the red and purple bracelets I wear on a daily basis;

- hair accessories:in case my hair gets on my nerves (that doesn't happen too often, and these come into action mainly if I have to draw something at school).

  • the organizational part:

- documents;

- wallet;

- chewing gum (again always, always).

  • things which have to do with inspiration breaks:

- little notebook in case I want to write down an ideea or draw a little sketch;

- favourite blue pen, black ball pen, mechanical pencil:

So, that's about it, I'm not that great at tag, so I'll just go ahead and say: You're it! What's in your bag?

Sweet treats,


  1. You've grouped the object in sections, but I don't suppose you keep each section in a separate pocket ;))

  2. Well, I actually don't. They may seem many, but is quite easy to find a suitable place for each one.
    p.s. some of them go directly into the pockets of my jacket :)

  3. Your wallet is fabulous! You carry alot of stuff you you.

  4. Your wallet is fabulous! You carry alot of stuff you you.


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