Necklaces and where to store them

This is my work from earlier this week but I haven't got the time to take the actual photos until today. I've made myself a couple more jewellery boxes, since I couldn't find an appropriate place to store my new necklace. And I've also find a way to restyle an old one.

First, here are the two boxes, decorated the way I did last time. The girl on the top of the first one reminds me of old brooches, while the other is this painting of Renoir, called Luncheon of the Boating Party.

And now, the restyled necklace. It's made of small white & brown beads and bought it something like two years ago. Anyway, I don't find too many occassions to wear it, even though I like it very much. I've added to it a purple ribbon; the color is so refreshing to look at, it seems it's a completely new necklace:

So the ensemble looks like this:

And in the other box I store my the new necklace, it fits perfectly:

Sweet treats,

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  1. I like the white one best.

    It looks so genuine! I'll be sure to store MY necklaces in such a box :D


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