Hot damn

Hot pink. Love it or hate it, it's a timeless fashion statement. It looks absolutely incredible when paired with black items, not only for casual looks, but also for more classy ones. Here's a set I've put up in Polyvore, which is more on the casual side:

  • Burberry Prorsum Bib front smock coat,;
  • 80s purple crystal pink head bride tiara with three lucite cameos,;
  • black stone ring,;
  • Authentic Luxury Birkin (swoon!),;
  • Christopher Kane velvet tights,;
  • Bridalwave umbrella,;
  • Shoes,;
  • Rock & RollGlitter Headphone Tee,;
  • Black Skater Skirt,;
Update: Check out Lucy Liu's outfit at the The Late Show. Doesn't she look incredible in that hot pink dress with black belt and long black gloves? I try not to credit so much though, rumour's that she got the help of SATC wardrobe guru Patricia Field. You can almost feel her unique sense of style here:

So, hot pink. Inspiration, or not so much? What's your opinion?

Sweet treats,


  1. I recently bought a hot pink tee shirt, that was a good call. I think Lucy Lui looks great! Btw, I tagged you.

  2. great dress, but no to the gloves!

  3. I love hot pink....I think SATC had a lot to do with that trend in general. Anyway, Lucy Liu looks ok, but I like your set better :-)

  4. Wendy: Yes, a pink tee, why not? Brighten up your days ;)

    Roxanaradu: I'm not so sure about the gloves either, but I think I can accept them for the sake of the dress.

    Sarah: wow, thanks! (here you have a SATC fan too)

  5. thanks too, ive added u on my list, happy blogging!


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